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Family, in Andalo you are in paradise!

Cavallino Lovely Hotel welcomes families with a loving embrace!!

Our guests say that cordiality, warmth and attentiveness are our trademarks. These are the elements which every family looks for in a family-friendly hotel and which can turn a family holiday into an unforgettable experienceAnd we have them all in abundance!

A Lovely holiday for Families

Our commitment is such that at Cavallino we are able to meet the needs of parents and children alike.

Andalo and its Dolomite peaks: a perfect climate for families.

The Cavallino Lovely Hotel is set right in the center of the town of Andalo, a well-known tourist destination in western Trentino, located on the Paganella Plateau at an altitude of about 1,000 meters, just 35 km from Trento, the regional capital. The hotel overlooks the rest of the town and is near the shopping area. From here you have a lovely view of the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage, the surrounding meadows and woods rich in trails, lakes such as the Andalo and Molveno, alpine summer houses and refuges which you can walk to easily, even with a stroller. The climate is great: Summers are fresh and sunny, you can sunbathe during the day and sleep with a light blanket at night! Winters are not too cold, just cold enough to ensure that hushed and magical atmosphere of a snowy town and perfect skiing pistes in the Paganella ski area.

Things to do in Andalo and the surrounding areas

Summer Activities Program - Winter Activities Program

ANDALO CARD: Moreover at our Hotel you can request your personal Andalo Card which entitles you to a myriad of discounts and special agreements for your holiday in Andalo.